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In my consulting practice I connect my experience from the corporate world with my expertise and network in the academic world. My specific areas of expertise are People & Organization Development and Business Development.

My approach is personal and practical;

I focus on the implementation, the ‘how to do it’. My starting point is always the uniqueness of the person or organization that I am working with.

I try to listen more than I speak.

I will work with you to identify the strength that is already there and help you to develop it further.

I believe that your ‘unique selling points’ already exist but sometimes you need an external view to discover them.

I believe that the best strategies are developed from discovering your – sometimes unexpected – strengths.

I believe that strategy development – like business development – is a process, not an event.

I believe that when you look back at that process and discover that you have developed a strategy, it is a successful one!

Over the years I have gained experience in almost all facets of leading a university based Business School as well as Corporate Learning Centers. My experience ranges from ‘people’ to ‘profit’ and everything in between! Moreover, my experience in working with business schools is international, ranging from Europe and Middle East to Africa and Asia. I am now using my expertise in this specific niche to assist Business Schools and Executive Education providers to become better in what they do.

From my experience in academia, it is not the ‘strategy formulation’ that is lacking but the ‘strategy implementation’. Business schools operate in a complex environment; they are often research driven and strong in analysis and in developing new knowledge. While that is excellent and expected from them, the downside can be an ‘inside-out’ approach to the market; a market that is increasingly demanding an ‘outside-in’ view from them. We all experience that the pace of change in the world is faster than ever before. Therefore, reconciling dilemmas such as of ‘supply’ versus ‘demand’ while respecting the academic values and the purpose of your institution is more challenging than ever.

How can I contribute to the development of your institution?

  • bring you an international benchmark in the area of Executive Education and translate it into practical information that is useful for the development of your organization
  • help you to reach your strategic goals by making a practical implementation plan and challenge you to focus and make choices
  • bring the outside in: the client perspective versus the research or product focus; the consequences for program- and curriculum development and faculty development
  • help you to develop a value proposition and a business development strategy and process to execute on it
  • assist you in making your internal organization and business processes more effective in order to better support your strategic goals
  • advice you on issues around restructuring, branding, accreditations and rankings, responsible management education among others
  • assist you in staff development and coaching ‘on the job’
  • fulfill an interim role or manage a project; internally or with your customer
  • chair, moderate and speak on your events and conferences

I support the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) as set by the UN Global Compact.


I have spent half of my professional career in the Corporate world and the other half, which I spent in Academia, was to a great extent dedicated to consulting to corporates!

My experience in the corporate world has mainly been in professional services; in business development, sales management and general management. In addition, I have spent considerable time in Executive Education and people development. This combined experience has made me develop a skill set that may be considered somewhat unusual: people development and business development.

I am now using my experience to advice corporates, non-profit organizations and NGO’s. I do so unbiased and with no strings attached to any particular organization. Instead I make use of my extensive international network of Business Schools, Executive Education Providers and Consultants to make the best choice for the specific need of my customer.

How can I bring value to your organization?

In the area of Executive Learning:

  • consult and advice your organization in the area of people development and executive education
  • conduct a needs analysis and advice you on the design of a management development program
  • take on parts of the process of developing a learning program, such as: needs analysis, finding and advising on providers, project managing the RFP process, project managing the development or the execution etc.
  • ‘turn-key’ project management of a management development program in close cooperation with your staff or internal client, for example because you have a (temporary) lack of internal capacity
  • executive coaching

In the area of Business Development in Professional Services:

  • consult and assist you in setting up an effective business development process
  • assist you in improving customer focus and account management
  • ‘training on the job’ and coaching of your staff in business development and account management
  • provide you with advice in people development and external training
  • interim and project management


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